3 Way ‘E’ Series Female Receptacle Housing

3 Way ‘E’ Series Female Receptacle Housing
Brand: Lucas Rists
MPN: 51156191
Product Code: ES3F
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3 Way ‘E’ Series Female Receptacle Housing

1 x 3 Way Receptacle Connector         Lucas Rists Part no. 51156191

Overall Length of Connector: 33.00mm
Maximum Diameter of Connector: 25.00mm
These connectors are manufactured for the 12V and 24V DC automotive market and most other low to medium current applications. They are ideal for many applications including car, marine, lorry, motorcycle, race car, caravan etc. and are connected and disconnected quickly and safely. Lucas Rists developed the 'E' Series Connector family to reduce electrical failure in automotive wiring systems. The connector is sealed against hostile environments, particularly salt and moisture, the two major causes of connector terminal corrosion.

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